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Buena Vista High School will not be proceeding with a varsity football schedule as originally planned

OMAHA, Nebraska – This autumn, one of the two new OPS high schools cannot play varsity football due to transfer eligibility. Despite having only freshmen and sophomores in its inaugural year, Buena Vista High School aimed to compete at the varsity level in sports alongside fellow newcomer Westview High School.

However, Principal Dr. Carrie Carr informed parents and students on Tuesday that not enough athletes’ families had submitted the appropriate NSAA transfer papers by the May 1 deadline. Originally scheduled to begin varsity football versus Westview on Thursday evening, the game will now be played at the junior varsity level. Schools originally set to face the Bison will likely be awarded forfeit victories.

Several parents discussed the decision after exiting a meeting with administrators and football coaches. They were all initially disappointed that the decision was made so close to the start of the season, but appeared to accept OPS and the school’s final decision.

“Seemed like everybody took it in stride,” parent Jenny Kolc said after the meeting. “I was a little concerned with my freshman playing against juniors and seniors who have had three years, four years to really get the weight lifting in and get the size that they need to really win some football, and while our kids probably could have pulled out a couple wins, for the most part, I think they might have been stomped a little bit.”

Carr declined to talk on camera, but he did reveal the contents of letters issued to parents.

Dear Buena Vista Football Families

Thank you for your continued support of our student-athletes. We are so proud to be a part of this new school community, and care very deeply about the students we serve.

I am writing to inform you that we will not be proceeding with a varsity football schedule as originally planned. We regret that not enough students are eligible for varsity competition as we begin the year.

Our previously scheduled game against Westview this Thursday, August 25th, will go on as scheduled as a junior varsity contest. This game will be played at Omaha South at 7 p.m. as scheduled. We look forward to filling the stands with our Bison fans. Our school is committed to keeping students engaged and exploring additional competition opportunities. We will share more information about those opportunities in our meeting with families this evening.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have additional questions. Thank you for your support, and go Bison!


Dr. Carrie Carr, Principal

First-year head coach Keegan Grant is pleased that his kids will still be able to play football this season, although at the junior varsity level.

Tuesday marked the first official varsity contest between the two new schools, with Westview defeating Buena Vista in softball.

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