Broward County’s non-profit LifeNet4Families continues to assist those experiencing hunger, homelessness and poverty

BROWARD COUNTY, Florida – Broward County residents enduring hunger, homelessness, and poverty have been assisted in achieving stability by a non-profit organization.

South Florida has been profoundly impacted by LifeNet4Families, a prominent non-profit organization serving individuals and families experiencing food insecurity.

Since 1985, LifeNet4Families has been regarded as Broward County’s emergency food and shelter provider for the hungry and homeless.

Melanie Geddes, president and chief executive officer of LifeNet4Families, told Local 10 News, “Every month, LifeNet4Families serves over 3,000 families and individuals in need of food security.”

Food insecurity is restricted or uncertain access to nourishing foods.

It is projected that 210,000 Broward County residents are food insecure, with over 80,000 of them being children.

“With the rising expense of housing and the changes in health care, many families simply cannot make ends meet,” Geddes added.

Geddes told Local 10 News that, having experienced food insecurity as a youngster, she assisted one of the leading NGOs in developing programs to aid children in need.

LifeNet4Families has been giving “Food for Thought” boxes to schools in the neighborhood for the past two years.

“We produce 300 boxes per month, and each of the 300 children receives two boxes per month,” said Geddis.

Additionally, the nonprofit has established a strong collaboration with Publix, which has enabled the feeding of thousands of additional families.

Robyn Hankerson Printemps, a Publix employee, stated, “We focus on education, youth, hunger, and homelessness.”

Therefore, what life and families are doing is feeding you for real,”

Approximately 250 people are fed daily from a family’s kitchen, contributing to their quality of life.

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