Broward County Public Schools staff failed to inform parents about a problem, not parents of student seek answers and responsibility

DAVIE, Florida – Renee Levine was furious that Broward County Public Schools officials failed to warn her of a recent threat at her child’s Davie school.

Indian Ridge Middle School administrators, instructors, and students were concerned about a youngster who allegedly threatened to obtain his father’s pistol and commit murder.

According to sources, the seventh-grade student was suspended for a day after assaulting a classmate and threatening to murder him.

“They haven’t been upfront enough,” Levine said, adding, “In this day and age, there are many harmful occurrences, and I believe we have the right to know if there is a dangerous child in the school. It is not natural to threaten someone’s life.”

After the threat, a spokesman for BCPS stated that a behavioral threat assessment was done and issued the following statement:

This week there was an incident in which a student was intimidated and assaulted by another student. The school personnel and school resource officer (Davie Police Department) intervened promptly.”

Also include: “The district and school take all student safety problems seriously. They have been in communication with both students’ parents or guardians.”

In June, an eighth-grade kid who was the son of a school employee penned a kill list, and parents complained that BCPS’s handling of the situation lacked openness.

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