Boston woman: “I found a baby squirrel and took care of it – now it doesn’t want to leave”

After discovering a young squirrel in her backyard, Patty from Boston spent the better part of an hour looking for the animal’s mother. She made the decision to look after the squirrel because she was unable to care for it alone. When she was older and tried to release it into the wild, the squirrel came back to her, and she now maintains it as a pet.

Since squirrels are wild creatures, it is illegal to keep them as pets in the United States. Even in cases where a squirrel is rescued, the animal is nursed back to health before being returned to its natural habitat.

However, when Patty from Boston attempted to release the squirrel that she had been fostering, the animal refused to go, and as a result, Patty now maintains the squirrel as a pet.

Patty first saw the small squirrel as she was looking out the window in her kitchen. She spent over an hour seeking for the baby squirrel’s mother or at least another squirrel in the hopes that she would be able to get the baby back. When she got closer, she realized that the squirrel was still a baby. When she got closer, she realized that the squirrel was still a baby.

After her search turned up nothing, she made the executive decision to look after the baby squirrel until it became an adult and then let it go. She also bestowed to her the moniker of Bank.

However, because Patty took such excellent care of Bank, the latter did not wish to go at any point.

“I let her go when she was an adult, and she didn’t return for five days after she left. When she returned, she was in a state of fear. I gave it three more tries to let her go, but each time she returned back. I finally gave up.

“It is not advisable to keep squirrels as pets for the following reasons: they leave messes, they can bite people, they are costly to care for, and they want their own place. But seeing as how Bank wasn’t going to give up, there was no way I was going to leave her in that position.”

Patty went out and purchased as well as crafted a variety of different toys as it dawned on her that the squirrel desired to share her home. Now, however, in her living room there are enormous branches and tunnels that the squirrel can safely navigate through and play in without fear of being harmed.

I also provided her with a nest made out of boxes. She makes use of a few of the things, but there are others that she dislikes. This is now her room, and I am not permitted to make any alterations to it in any way. As I go across the room, it adheres to my every step. I also built her a home, although it is never shut since squirrels should never be confined in any form.”

Patty adds that she provides her with fresh fruits and vegetables so that she may meet her nutritional needs.

“Squirrels consume a wide variety of foods, including those found in the vegetable and fruit kingdoms. They also do not spread illnesses like rabies as other animals do. In addition to that, they have a strong sense of community.

Being adored by a squirrel is one of life’s greatest privileges. I have no doubt that working at Bank has improved who I am as a person and shown me how to form a connection with the natural world. The similarities between humans and squirrels are far deeper than most people realize.”

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