Boris Johnson in tight situations once again since his wife gave him a birthday party during the quarantine in Britain

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced a new crisis in his term when he was accused of attending another party during the quarantine. According to new findings, Johnson celebrated his birthday in 2020 with 30 other people on Downing Street. At the time, such rallies were banned by one of the most restrictive measures against the spread of the coronavirus.

ITV News claims that Johnson attended a party hosted by his wife Kerry on June 19, 2020 at Downing Street no. 10, on the occasion of the celebration of his 56th birthday.

They reportedly celebrated his birthday after attending a school in Hertfordshire, where Johnson posed with outstretched arms to show the importance of social distance.

The party was reportedly attended by Martin Reynolds, Johnson’s chief secretary of staff, who also faces criticism of the Downing Street party.

His office denied that a party had been organized and told ITV News that a group of employees working at the prime minister’s residence had gathered in the cabinet shortly after the meeting to congratulate the prime minister on his birthday, “and it lasted less than 10 minutes”.

The prime minister is believed to have been given a cake while his wife was encouraging staff to sing Johnson’s birthday song. Johnson has previously given various explanations for the parties at his residence. He first said that no rules had been violated, and then apologized to the British.

This new discovery comes at a time when Johnson is under investigation for the first Downing Street party, which took place in May 2020. Everyone in Britain is looking forward to Sue Gray’s report, which could remove Johnson from office.

A few months before his birthday party, Johnson praised a student who canceled a birthday party because of isolation. He wrote on Twitter: “Josephine sets a great example for all of us by postponing a birthday party until we solve the coronavirus problem.”

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