Boris Johnson: I do not intend to resign

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced today that he does not intend to resign due to a series of events that took place in the office and residence on Downing Street during the “lockdown”.

The leader of the British opposition Labor Party, Kir Starmer, accused Johnson of changing the story about the rallies and thus misleading the parliament, Reuters reports.

Asked if he would resign as prime minister, Johnson said: “No.”

“I do not deny that and for various reasons many people want to remove me, but the reason why Starmer wants me to resign is because he knows this government can be trusted,” Johnson said, adding that he was continuing his work. transmits Tanjug.

The British police announced yesterday that they are investigating the allegations of a series of events held in the offices of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Downing Street during the lockout, after the evidence obtained from the internal government investigation.

Johnson’s cabinet denied that a party had been held, and said a group of staff members who were at the prime minister’s residence that day had briefly gathered in the cabinet after the meeting to congratulate the prime minister on his birthday.

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