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Body camera images and timeline of the officer-involved fatal shooting in Omaha earlier this week were released for the public on Friday

OMAHA, Nebraska – On Friday, the Omaha Police Department provided additional information regarding a fatal shooting that took place earlier in the week when officers were aiding a process server.

When the situation turned deadly on Wednesday afternoon, law enforcement officers Jason Martinez and Jennifer Turner were assisting a process server in Douglas County with an immediate removal protection order for 39-year-old Jacob Jamrozy in connection with a domestic abuse case when the incident occurred.

A news release that was issued on Friday stated that Martinez and Turner arrived at a Fairway Apartments unit just before 3 p.m. on Wednesday. The location of the apartment is near R Street and 101st Plaza in southwest Omaha. Turner was quite persistent and rapped on the door seven times. According to the announcement, Jamrozy arrived at the residence at three o’clock in the afternoon carrying a Remington 11-87 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun that was “loaded with four shotgun shells in the magazine, and one shell in the chamber.”

According to the report, Turner pulled out her service weapon while simultaneously yelling “Drop the gun!” three times. Two seconds later, while she was still barking orders, Jamrozy pointed his shotgun at her, and she responded by firing one round, striking him in the chest.

After that, the officers took cover just outside the door of the apartment unit as the process server exited the building. After that, they went into the flat where they found Jamrozy sleeping in the kitchen, which, according to the report, was located right inside the front door.

Turner immediately called for medical aid and checked on Jamrozy, but he did not have a pulse when he examined him. According to the report, Martinez cleaned up the remaining parts of the apartment in the meantime.

On the spot, medical personnel from the Omaha Fire Department pronounced Jamrozy dead.

Earlier this week, 6 News was able to obtain court paperwork that indicated Jamrozy was being served with a domestic abuse protection order that a judge had signed off on the previous Wednesday. That order required Jamrozy to leave the premises immediately or risk having his removal carried out.

A spokesman for the Oregon Police Department stated that the officers were dispatched to assist the process server on Wednesday afternoon. The process server had informed police that they believed the man’s property included hunting shotguns. He stated that process servers do not carry firearms.

According to the authorities, Jamrozy was the only person who was present in the flat at the time of the incident.

According to the release, the statements that were provided by the involved officers during their interviews were consistent with the physical evidence that was found at the site as well as the footage from the BWC.

The officers were placed on administrative leave following the shooting, which is still being investigated, despite the fact that they did not sustain any injuries during the event.

Martinez has served as an officer with the OPD for the past 20 years, while Turner joined the department seven years ago. According to the OPD, both officers were equipped with body cams at the time.

According to the news release, the report was compiled by the Officer Involved Investigations Team of the Omaha Police Department (OPD), in conjunction with detectives from the Papillion Police Department and the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office. These investigators carefully examined the footage from the officers’ body cameras and conducted interviews with both the officers and witnesses.

Once the investigation has been concluded as required by Nebraska law, the case will be presented before a grand jury. This is needed whenever a fatality happens during a police operation or while the person is otherwise in the custody of the police in any other capacity.

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