Bloomberg categorizes Croatia as the country with the best programs to attract digital nomads

American Media House Bloomberg categorizes Croatia as the country with the best programs to attract digital nomads, by publishing photos with Dubrovnik, which is a confirmation of a growing market and recognition, officially reported by the city authorities of Dubrovnik.

Bloomberg published the overview of world countries on Bloomberg Business and on social networks. 14 countries are listed there, six of which are European. In addition to Croatia, the review in Europe also includes Germany, Italy, Malta, Greece and Portugal, according to the city authorities.

What is a “digital nomad”

Do we know what they are? digital nomads? One of them left America to come to Croatia: “I live here on $47 a day…”. For each country, the basic and useful information on the application method for temporary residence of digital nomads is stated, as well as that in another 12 countries programs aimed at attracting people who work remotely and stay in one place for a long time have been announced.

The city of Dubrovnik reminds that there is a need for greater diversification of the tourist offer and development of innovative content. The city in cooperation with the Tourism Community of the City of Dubrovnik and the partnership with Total Croatia News and Saltwater Nomads since the time of the pandemic launched an initiative for the further development of Dubrovnik as a destination for the further development of Dubrovnik with good conditions for digital nomads.

The initiative has been going on for two years and is constantly being upgraded, holding conferences, workshops, competitions and meetings where digital nomads are an advantage for life and work in the south of Croatia, which fully meets the requirements of that market.

Airbnb, the short-stay classifieds platform, believes that the new trend with the pandemic has changed tourism and the way of traveling forever. Dubrovnik thus quickly entered the group of ten most desirable cities for digital nomads to stay. In May 2022, Dubrovnik also got a website for digital nomads “Dubrovnik Long Stay” in the form of a “one-stop-shop”, in order to generate more interest for people in Dubrovnik. There is still no official data on exactly how many digital nomads are staying in Dubrovnik.

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