Bloomberg: Biden is facing a very difficult winter because of Russia!

As the columnist emphasized, the head of the White House faced complicated tasks both inside the country and in the foreign policy arena. The crisis in Eastern Europe is growing: the culmination with Moscow in terms of security in the region has not yielded any results at the moment, the author added.

In addition, negotiations with Iran have reached a critical point. Washington believes that Tehran will soon start enriching uranium to the level needed to make an atomic bomb. In that case, the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan, which should limit the republic’s nuclear program, will lose its significance, the text reads.

External challenges are intertwined with high inflation in the United States, which will reach the record level from 1982 – now it is brewing at around 7 percent.

The number of people infected with the corona virus is also growing in the country: on Monday, almost half a million cases of covid 19 infection were recorded in the United States. The head of state had to mobilize military doctors, nurses and other staff in order to reduce the pressure on hospitals due to the increase in the number of patients.

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