Bills Introduced in Nebraska Legislature to Make Elections Safer

LINCOLN, Nebraska (Nebraska) — During the 2020 presidential election, concerns about voting fraud came to a head as the pandemic forced more people than usual to use mail-in ballots. Three bills in the Nebraska Legislature seek to tighten election security.

Three bills: LB457 introduced by Senator Rick Holdcroft, LB193 and LB808 introduced by Senator Steve Halloran.

Thus, the three bills would require all voting machine parts to be made in the United States to reduce outside interference, install video recording devices in all voting locations, and give counties the ability to manually recount in the future. legislative races instead of machine counting.

Supporters based their arguments on claims by mail-in balloters who no longer live in the state, as well as the possibility of new technologies that could allow unauthorized individuals to compromise voting machines.

“While we have used machines in whatever form, we cannot 100% guarantee that we will have accurate, complete and truthful choices.” said Linda Vermuthen, a supporter of all three bills.

Opponents based their claims on the lack of official evidence of electoral interference and on the fact that the bills would cost Nebraska taxpayers $16 million.

“LB457’s CCTV requirement is another over-the-top solution to a problem that doesn’t exist,” said Arlo Hettle, an opponent of all three bills. “There is no evidence of vote fraud, and we don’t need to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on surveillance cameras to catch criminals that don’t exist.”

Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen has gone on record as saying that Nebraska’s elections are fair and credible.

The Government Committee, the Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Committee will decide whether these bills should be voted on in the debate room.

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