Bill Gates says Omicron might be humanity’s way out of the pandemic expecting the strain to provide broad immunity

Gates noted that in the next few years we could go on an annual vaccination against Covid-19.

Bill Gates has been quite loud and clear for the last two years when it comes to the coronavirus.

In addition to warning of such a thing before the pandemic broke out, he also made predictions about when the current pandemic might end.

In a Twitter conversation with Professor David Sridhar of the University of Edinburgh School of Medicine, Gates wrote that the number of coronavirus cases could be reduced following the current new wave of pandemics, and finally Covid-19 could be talked about as “Seasonal flu”.

“A more transmissive variant is not likely but we have been surprised a lot during this pandemic. Omicron will create a lot of immunity at least for the next year. tracks the genetics really well. “We may have to take annual shots for Covid for some time,” he said on Twitter.

He also talked about the conspiracy theory circulating on social media, according to which he is so involved in the pandemic because he wants to microchip the whole world.

“People like you and I and Tony Fauci have been subject to a lot of misinformation. I did not expect that. Some of it like me putting chips in arms does not make sense to me – why would I want to do that? ” he added.

He concluded that the vaccines prevented the development of numerous forms of blasts and deaths, but two key components were missing.

First they still allow infections (“breakthrough”) and the duration appears to be limited. We need vaccines that prevent re-infection and have many years of duration, ”Gates finished.

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