Biden confirms he is about to appoint the first Black woman to the outgoing US Supreme Court justice

Biden has received at the White House 83-year-old retired Judge Breer. Breyer’s departure is a milestone for Biden, who has been able to deliver on his promise to appoint a black woman to that powerful institution.

The Democratic president, who made the promise during the election campaign, said in a speech to Judge Breer at the White House that he had not yet decided who would replace Breer.

“The person I will name will have excellent qualifications, personality, experience and integrity. “And that person will be the first black woman to be named in the Supreme Court.”

Nominating a candidate younger than Breer will allow Biden to maintain the current balance of power in the US Supreme Court for at least a few years, with six conservative and three progressive judges.

Under the US Constitution, the nine members of the Supreme Court are appointed by the president for life, and their appointment is confirmed in the upper house of Congress, the Senate.

The Supreme Court plays a major role in the United States. He decides on many big issues in society.

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