Biden and Putin can no longer give up, a peaceful solution is almost impossible

No president should give in. The compromise seems unlikely given how much of their own political credibility they have invested in the conflict over Ukraine, writes CNN. Although many Americans see the crisis in Ukraine as a problem that does not concern them, especially because of their own problems, such as the pandemic and rising inflation, the fact is that the world’s two leading nuclear powers have found themselves in the most serious test since the fall of the Soviet Union.

CNN reminds that the Russian invasion of Ukraine could cause the biggest conflict between conventional armies in Europe since the end of World War II. The stakes for America are high – the credibility of the United States in the eyes of the West, that is, the global perception of American power, but also the likelihood of real consequences that Americans could feel at home, such as rising energy prices caused by the crisis.

America, says CNN, will certainly not agree to Putin’s demands, which would be difficult to compromise NATO.

On the other hand, US threats against Russia with unprecedented sanctions have failed. On the contrary – the government in Kiev claims that Russia is nearing the end of the accumulation of troops along the border with Ukraine. Accordingly, Putin has more than 100,000 troops on the border with Ukraine, which allows him to launch a major invasion at any time, according to CNN.

What does Putin really want?

Putin wants to keep his opponents in suspense, says CNN. Some analysts believe that the Russian president is bluffing, that is, that he created the threat of invasion to enter into negotiations with America from a position of power. Others think Putin is trying to destabilize Ukraine by playing on the feelings of nationalists in Russia and thus increase his popularity in his country.

But it is possible that Putin “smelled” American weakness and divisions in Europe and reasoned that now was the right time to dump Ukraine’s hopes for a pro-Western future, according to a CNN analysis. Given how much of his own prestige he has invested in the Ukraine crisis, and the United States refuses to comply with his demands, it is unlikely that he will simply admit defeat and withdraw.

“The only thing I am sure of is that the decision is entirely, completely and exclusively Vladimir Putin. “No one else will make that decision, no one else will influence it,” said US President Joe Biden at a White House news conference on Wednesday.

For Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer, the fall of the Soviet Union is a historic catastrophe. Putin sees NATO expansion to the east as a humiliation of the great Russian civilization. This explains why he asked Biden what the US president could not accept, including a guarantee that Ukraine would never join NATO and the withdrawal of Western forces and weapons from countries such as Poland and Romania.

Over the past decade, Putin has sought to restore Russia’s sphere of influence to former Soviet states such as Ukraine. This resulted in the annexation of Crimea in 2014, but also the recent suppression of protests in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Given the autocratic nature of the Putin regime, it is clear that it can not tolerate a prosperous, pro-Western democracy in Ukraine. Such a thing could be an example for the Russians, who are fed up with his long rule interwoven with corruption and repression.

Another important component of Putin’s project is the destruction of the West’s reputation, and that of the United States in particular. While it is not entirely clear whether Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election was crucial, the fact is that it unleashed destructive forces on the United States. The candidate he backed, Donald Trump, is now leading the attack on American democracy, which fits perfectly with Putin’s goals.

At the same time, Biden is weak in his own country as Trump has made millions of Americans see him as an illegitimate president, which Putin has certainly welcomed.

In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” The days to come will show how it will go.

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