Beltway directs truck traffic south

LINCOLN, Nebraska (Nebraska). Three months ago, the Nebraska Parkway, which runs right through south Lincoln, was jammed with cars as people went home.

That’s according to Todd Frauen, manager of Cornhusker Billiard Supply, who watched the crowds every day.

“We’ve had clients say they don’t like coming here after 3pm because the traffic is too busy,” Frauen said.

Now things are running smoother on the Nebraska Parkway, formerly Highway 2.

“We’ve been seeing a lot more people lately,” Frauen said. “Like I said, it’s just the ease of getting in and out.”

That’s exactly what the planners had in mind when they designed the Lincoln South Beltway: to make it easier and faster for cars to move around the city, instead redirecting semi-trailer traffic from the boulevard to the beltway.

So far, the general manager of Shoemaker’s South, a truck stop right on the South Beltway, has said it works.

“There’s definitely a surge in traffic,” said manager Jordan Palmer. “Definitely also seeing an increase in the number of trucks, which is great for business.”

The last time 10/11 spoke to Palmer, when the Beltway opened, he expressed concern about losing business to Beltway builders. But now, according to him, the flow of customers is as he could have imagined.

“The construction business that we used to get is now replaced by semi-trailers, replaced by travelers,” he said.

Palmer said he was looking forward to the summer hype. Back at the billiards store, Todd said he expected the Nebraska Parkway to shrink further in the coming months as truck traffic continues south.

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