Bellevue residents concerned about their safety on the streets, blame reckless drivers

BELLEVUE, Nebraska — Steve Spurgeon has spent nearly his whole life in the Nob Hill neighborhood of Bellevue.

When he and his family moved into the neighborhood over 45 years ago, they were cautioned about the frequent speeding of risky cars.

“When we initially moved here, we learned that a child had been struck and killed by a car just down the street a year prior. Therefore, we were urged to exercise caution in the neighborhood’s streets, as Spurgeon explained.

Spurgeon adds that he has witnessed the area evolve and flourish over the years, but that throughout that time, risky driving has only become worse.

“Over the years, we have had a few close calls. In the past two and a half years, a child has been killed on this street. I am unable to list every single child who has been hit. Also, in the past seventy days, two children have been assaulted. One directly in front of my home, Spurgeon said.

Spurgeon, concerned about the children in his community, raised his concerns on social media.

The posts attracted the attention of the Bellevue City Council and the Bellevue Chief of Police, as well as numerous reactions from other concerned neighbors.

Bellevue Police Chief Ken Clary remarked, “It was a little unsettling when I read the concerns on social media that there was a call to action to the council.”

Clary presented his inquiry into the neighborhood’s risky drivers during Tuesday’s city council meeting.

Clary states that his department dispatched officers to monitor the area and put a speed sign to monitor fast drivers.

Clary stated that his inquiry has not yet uncovered any proof of excessive speeders, citing the fact that 94% of vehicles passing through the neighborhood were traveling at or below the speed limit.

Spurgeon, though, asserts that the cops were not in the area during the peak frequency of unsafe driving.

Spurgeon stated, “They come out here while the children are in school, and their activities have no bearing on when the children are present.”

At the meeting of the municipal council, Spurgeon presented a number of suggestions to slow down reckless drivers.

Officials expressed concern that speed bumps and additional stop signs would not be effective over the long term and could hinder the response time of emergency services to calls in the neighborhood.

Spurgeon stated, “We cannot let perfect stand in the way of what is good for the community, because nothing will be perfect.”

Spurgeon stated that he was encouraged by the city council’s interest in the issue, even if they did not agree on how to resolve it.

He claims that all he can do at this point is wait and pray that no more children are injured before the city finds a solution to the risky driving.

“I am confident it will be as effective as possible. They are exercising diligence and conducting research. Spurgeon stated, “They are going to propose a solution that they believe would be effective, so all we can do is wait and see.”

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