‘Being a fan is special’: Loyal Chiefs fans share their Super Bowl experience

KANSAS CITY, MO (KSHB) — Nalani Kaime is a devoted Chiefs fan thanks to her mother and grandparents.

But the family’s generational love stems from Joe Montana.

“They were big fans of the 49ers. My mom grew up loving, mostly in love with Joe Montana, and so when he moved to the Chiefs in ’93, I think that’s the way it was, since then my mom has been a big fan of the Chiefs – Camie said. “I grew up watching the Chiefs and Dante Hall was my first love.”

In addition to her family’s love for the team, Kaime fell in love with the Chiefs after attending USC with Juju Smith-Shuster and Ronald Jones.

“Ronald – it was funny because I knew him before he got into the NFL and he is such a down to earth and cold person. So no one deserves it more than him,” Kaime said.

Camie says she has plenty of reasons to support her love for the Chiefs, and KC’s recent success has only reinforced her love for the fans.

“The energy at Arrowhead Stadium is something you can’t describe unless you’re there,” she said. “I had chills for several reasons… the stadium.”

Meanwhile, across the Pacific, the Hughes family of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, are gearing up for the big game.

Deborah Hughes is a lifelong fan who grew up in Liberty and over the years she has made it her mission to convert her husband and children.

“I’m actually from Alabama… I brought her into the Alabama Crimson Tide family and she brought me into the Kansas City Chiefs family,” said Michael Hughes, Deborah’s husband.

Her love for leaders never wavered, despite the ups and downs. In fact, she was so dedicated to her cause that she dressed up as an energizer bunny on Mascot Day in 1993 just to attend a game.

“It was really cool because I could stand in the tunnel when all the players were gathering before the game,” Hughes said. “I’m standing right there and thinking, ‘Oh my God, I’m standing right next to Joe Montana.’

Both Hughes and Keim say that staying true no matter what makes life a lot more rewarding during the glory years.

“Especially being a fan of a team that is so great and so iconic. I am very happy about it,” Kaime said.

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