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Baylor Scheierman celebrates a birthday on the same day Creighton opens camp

OMAHA, Nebraska – In the spring, there was a great deal of expectation for the forthcoming basketball season, and when Baylor Scheierman committed in early May, there was even more excitement.

Scheierman’s birthday coincided with the beginning of training camp, which occurred 42 days before the season opening. Ideally, after everything is said and done, his time at Creighton will be a boon as he pursues a career in the NBA.

This was a fairly regular day for the transfer out of South Dakota State, with courses, weightlifting, and practice, etc. In the locker room, Baylor had some birthday cookies.

The transition to a new team and location is already under way; Baylor spent a great deal of time with his teammates over the summer, and they are already forming a cohesive unit.

In the next six weeks, as Greg McDermott develops the offense, Baylor will get more comfortable with that aspect of the Bluejays. So far, so good, but there’s still a long way to go before the beginning of a hard non-conference schedule in early November.

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