Banking scams continue with serious pace in Nebraska, elderly man lost $200,000 in banking scam

Lincoln, Nebraska – As we already reported few days ago, Nebraskans should be very careful as there are a lot of reports about potential scams that might cost people a lot if they are not careful enough.

Less than a month ago, Nebraska woman lost $250 in what appears to be nothing but an obvious banking scam. But the problem is much bigger since more and more Nebraska residents and business are scam victims lately.

Elderly man has just lost $200,000 in yet another banking scam incident, multiple sources reported.

The Lincoln Police Department confirmed the February 22 incident when a 74-year-old was scammed and followed someone’s instructions to transfer his money from one to another bank account.

As per the incident report, the man received a pop-up notification on his computer notifying him that his bank account has been hacked. In addition, there was a phone number and the elderly man was asked to call that number to prevent losing his money.

The person on the other side of the phone pretended to be a Microsoft representative who helped the elderly man to open new account and transfer more than $210,000 to the new account in order to prevent the hackers to take his money from his original account. The elderly man followed the instructions given by the scammer and he did nothing but a terrible job.

Police said the scammer had access to the newly established account and took the entire amount of transferred money. The scammer specifically advised the victim not to discuss the transfer with anyone, according to police.

This is yet another case among the many, so we advise everyone to be very careful when operating your accounts, checking suspicious links you receive on social media and via email and be very cautious who might be on the other side of the line if you are talking to someone providing sensitive information.

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