B+ for Civil Dead, Builder’s District Park, Cozad Rail Fire

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Today’s highlights:

  • Film critic Ryan Cyrek says that “Civil Dead” is a low-quality, conceptual “comedy”.
  • A park is planned for the future Builders’ District in downtown Omaha.
  • A railroad car caught fire west of Kozad, just days after derailing in nearby Gothenburg.

“Civil Dead” is a low-quality, conceptual “comedy” so dry it’s dehydrating. That’s funny. You will laugh. Exactly until you do.

Film review by Ryan Cyrek. Published in Reader.



It is planned that a private park will be built in the future Builder’s District, assigned to the Kiewit headquarters. City documents refer to the park as The Plaza, a 1.4-acre parcel southeast of 17th Street and Cuminga. The park will have a lawn with a giant movie screen and a stage for live performances. A cycle path is planned.

South Omaha community leaders reiterate their call for the funds provided by the Economic Recovery Act to be distributed by the state. A group of government-hired consultants published their recommendations for grants in January, but no action was taken. State Senator Tony Vargas, a member of the bill’s oversight committee, says he will “fight tooth and nail” to ensure the community gets its fair share.

Austin Roeser of Omaha Public Works reports that the city found 615 potholes in February. He says it’s about average. Rouser says voters issued bonds in 2020 to help with the potholes, a 20-year program, and that the short-term solution to fixing them is being complicated by the weather.

The Ponca Tribe announces plans to build a $100 million clinic at the former Infogroup headquarters near Ralston. The project, carried out jointly with the Indian Federal Health Service, will include medicinal gardens and a steam room. The tribe is also launching a mobile clinic that will travel across the state.


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A railroad car caught fire west of Kozad, just days after a coal train derailed in nearby Gothenburg. The Dawson County Office of Emergency Management says the fire was likely caused by a small amount of chemicals spilled onto the roof of a car while it was refueling. The chemical protection team from the Union Pacific deemed the car safe.

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments about whether President Joe Biden has the authority to cancel all or part of student loan debt for Americans. Nebraska is one of six states that are taking legal action claiming it is unconstitutional. An estimated 370,000 Nebraska residents will receive between $10,000 and $20,000 in student loan forgiveness.


Today, February 28, there will be a meeting of the city council and the board of commissioners of the county, which is attended by local government reporter Anton Johnson. Follow Anton on Twitter: @AntonIsWriting for live tweets from the city council, and read his preview of what’s on tap this week. Tune in here for the Omaha City Council starting at 2:00 pm.

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From the Harper index

Percentage of Americans who consider political demonstrations “very important”: 13

Source: Pew Research Center (Washington).


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