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Authorities looking into officer-involved shooting in Dallas

Dallas, Texas – Dallas police said they shot and killed an armed guy during a gunfight in a neighborhood in Far East Dallas.

Wednesday just before 6 a.m., police responded to a report of a guy in the middle of the street waving weapons at drivers and vehicles. According to reports, the shooter disobeyed cops’ orders to drop his firearm and surrender before opening fire on officers.

SKY 4 was over the 10300 block of Shiloh Road near Gus Thomasson Road hours after police engaged in a predawn shooting.

“Around 5:50 a.m., I heard approximately 20 gunshots,” said witness Alicia Shook.

People who did not wish to go on camera told FOX 4 that they observed a neighborhood resident with a gun pointed at police and heard an officer ordering at him to put the gun down.

“After receiving several demands to drop the firearm, the suspect threatened officers with it and opened fire on them,” Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia revealed. “Officers simultaneously fired back at the suspect. He was struck and injured, but no officers were hurt. This morning, the suspect was brought to Presby and pronounced dead.”

Early Wednesday morning, Dallas police shot and killed an armed man on Shiloh Road. According to police, the suspect pointed firearms at automobiles and fired at policemen.

At least three police cars and that many of cops may have been engaged in the shooting event. A number of the rounds struck patrol units.

According to the amount of evidence markers, there were numerous shell casings.

“Just waking up, it was very disorienting because the gunfire never stopped,” Shook explained. “Typically, I will count them as 1, 2. But this one simply continued on.”

According to local residents, the man and his mother resided in a nearby home. They report that he kept to himself and rarely spoke with neighbors.

While the CEO spoke little on Wednesday, he promised a news conference on Thursday.

Officers were observed retrieving three long weapons from the front porch and removing the deceased man’s pickup truck, according to neighbors.

Facebook informed Shook of the gunfire she heard two doors away from her home.

“It was quite terrifying. You don’t hear them nearly as often as you used to around here “She stated, They sounded exceptionally near.

DPD says it will disclose some, if not all, of the video from systems in squad cars and on officers’ uniforms on Thursday, along with further information on the shooter.

No one else was wounded.

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