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Authorities believe it was a double murder-suicide: South Carolina woman and two minor children found dead in their home in Florence

A South Carolina educator, together with her two children, were discovered dead in their own house at the end of the previous month. The investigators now suspect that the deaths were the result of a murder-suicide double-header.

On the afternoon of August 31, 2022, at around 1:30 p.m., officers from the Horry County Police Department were called to a residence located in the Carolina Forest census-designated place in order to do a welfare check on a woman who was 42 years old named Laura Moberley.

When the responding officers entered the home, they discovered the mother along with her two children, Eric Moberley, 11, and Emily Moberley, 8. The mother was found dead alongside her children. According to a report from the Horry County Coroner’s Office that was received by The Post and Courier, each one had been shot to death before their bodies were found.

On the day in question, the fighting that ultimately resulted in death was claimed to have probably taken place around 6:00 a.m., according to the coroner’s findings.

WBTW, a local CBS affiliate in Florence, South Carolina, was able to secure a copy of the police report, which states that of the three people who have passed away, one of them is labeled as a suspect, while the other two are recorded as victims.

According to the report of the television station, the document that was created by law enforcement does not specify which of the three people is thought to be the suspect.

The Horry County Police Department stated in a post that they made on Facebook that “Our community is grieving today, and it is undeniable.” “We urge that you be kind to one another because it is possible that you may not know who among you has been effected by this tragedy,”

Since the horrifying find was made, a task group comprised of local and state agencies has been working “to investigate the event, inform next of kin, and provide help to those who are in need,” according to the police. This task force is comprised of members from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Child Fatality Unit, the Horry County Fire Rescue Department, and the Coroner’s Office.

Law enforcement has not yet provided any possible explanation for why the tragedy occurred.

It is important to note that the Houston Police Department wrote on their Facebook page that they are “saddened to acknowledge the death of two young children in a gunshot.”

The Sun News, which is based in Myrtle Beach, wrote to the department to inquire about the absence of a condolence message addressed to the mother of the deceased children.

Mikayla Moscov, a public information officer for the Houston Police Department, was quoted in the publication as saying, “What we can say at this moment is that the event is under investigation.” “The statement responds to community concerns regarding the unusual/unusual loss of two youngsters in our community and acknowledges that there were a total of three people who passed away.”

In a past life, Laura Moberley was employed as a reading loss interventionist at Carolina Forest Elementary School, the same school that her daughter attended during the third grade. The older Moberley child attended Ten Oaks Middle School, where they were in the seventh grade.

The administrators of the Horry County School District delivered eulogies for the deceased and extended condolences to the victims’ surviving family members.

According to a statement sent by the school district and received by the Sun, the following is an excerpt: “We are at a loss for words after learning of the tragic tragedy that touched an entire family with links to Horry County Schools.” “We raise up the Moberley family and everyone who knew them in our most heartfelt prayers at this time. During this extremely trying time, we strongly request everyone in our community to remember our students and staff members in their thoughts and prayers.

‘Our district has a team of counselors made up of professionals trained to help with the needs of students, parents, and school personnel during difficult times such as this,’ continued the statement. ‘Our district has a team of counselors made up of professionals trained to help with the… needs of students, parents, and school personnel “Our counselors are accessible at the affected schools for any student or employee who may want or desire support in light of this tragic event,” the statement read.

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