Atlanta ride-share driver, a mother of three children, rescued by passer-by in the middle of carjacking in DeKalb County

Atlanta, Georgia – A good Samaritan who assisted a ride-share driver whose vehicle had been stolen in the middle of the night attributed her actions to God’s favor.

According to Atlanta’s WAGA-TV, investigators in DeKalb County were still seeking for four people involved in the weekend carjacking of a Lyft driver.

Saturday, just after 3 a.m., the incident occurred at Stone Mountain, according to the DeKalb County police.

Nika Pee, who claimed she was still shaken by the attack, drove Lyft late at night to earn additional cash.

“What was going through my mind was, ‘Oh my goodness… this is it…'” I’m going to die,'” Pee remarked. Sincerely, all I could think about were my children.

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Pee, who is 29 years old, has three children.

The conflict started when a man identified as “James” asked for a ride off of Hitt Lake Court.

Pee reported that when she arrived, there were two males standing on the street.

“Absolutely typical… One individual entered the vehicle, while the other walked around to the opposite side. “Rather than entering the vehicle, this man opened my driver-side door,” Pee explained.

Could you maintain composure in this circumstance?

One of the males then aimed a firearm at her. Two others with firearms appeared.

“He placed the rifle underneath my chin and lifted my head slightly… “At that point, I raised my hands and said, ‘I have children, take what you want and leave,'” she explained.

They stole her vehicle, abandoning Pee alone in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Although she knocked on multiple doors, only one person answered: Patreia Jones, who claimed that God prompted her to wake up and open the door despite being in a deep sleep.

Jones stated, “God saw it necessary for me to open the door so that this young lady may receive the necessary assistance.”

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“I consider my own daughter… If she were to be apprehended or something similar occurred, I would hope that someone would come to her defense or be able to assist her.”

Wednesday, when WAGA interviewed Pee, she was still understandably shaken by the carjacking.

She said, “I’ve been crying for the past four or five days, and I honestly feel like I can’t generate any more tears.”

One hopes that the psalmist’s words will be fulfilled in Pee’s life: “Those who sow in sorrow will reap in shouts of delight!” She has without a doubt sown plenty of them.

One is also reminded of Proverbs 21:15: “When justice is done, the virtuous rejoice, but the wicked are terrified.” One can only hope that this is the case.

Having said that, the grace of God opened a door for Nika Pee in her darkest hour; when others ignored a knock and a cry for assistance, the Lord inspired Patreia Jones to answer and save a desperate mother. Until one considers the stark alternative, it may appear to be a little matter.

May the Lord bless and comfort Nika Pee, Patreia Jones, and their neighbors. They certainly need it.

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