At least two dead and thousands at risk in California due to huge wildfire caused by extreme heat

As a result of a wildfire that broke out in the Los Angeles area of California, which is now experiencing record-breaking heat, at least two people have been killed, and thousands more people have been forced to evacuate their homes.

The initial report from the firefighters indicated that one individual was taken to the hospital for treatment of severe burns.

More than three thousand inhabitants have been advised to leave their homes by the fire department, and authorities have also issued a warning about the risk of a power blackout in the area.

The blaze started on Monday close to the city of Hemet, which is located to the southeast of the city of Los Angeles, and it spread across more than 1,600 hectares. The fires spread to other buildings, and as a result, the local schools were forced to close.

According to the explanation provided by a spokeswoman for the fire department on Twitter, the fire “spread quite quickly before firemen arrived.”

An inquiry has been started in order to discover what led to the blaze in the first place. During this time, Southern California Edison reported that there was a power outage due to the fire that was occurring in the region. That corporation has previously settled the claims worth billions of dollars for the damage caused by the fires in California that were caused by its inadequate infrastructure. (MIA)

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