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At least 45 people suffered burn and scrape injuries to the hands and chest, and sought treatment in local emergency rooms

Omaha, Nebraska – Over the long holiday weekend, hospitals in the Omaha metropolitan region treated dozens of patients for injuries caused by pyrotechnics.

In total, 45 patients sought care at nearby emergency rooms. Burns and scratches to the hands and chest made up a large portion of the injuries.

Twelve people were seen by Methodist Health System’s four local emergency rooms. Doctors observed burns, scrapes, and bruises on the arms, hands, fingers, legs, and chest.

15 patients had injuries from pyrotechnics treated at the Nebraska Medical Center, and 3 at the Bellevue Medical Center.

15 patients were treated at the six emergency rooms operated by CHI Health in the Omaha area. Most of them, according to a spokesman, were under 30.

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