At least 4/10 known cancer are preventable, recent study shows

40 percent of carcinoma cases and the same number of deaths as a result of this disease could be avoided or reduced if the appropriate preventive strategy were applied, show the results of the research of American scientists published in the medical journal “CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians” “.

About 42 percent of all cancer cases, or 659,640 of the 1.57 million diagnosed cases, and 45.1 percent of cancer deaths (265,150 of 587,521) could be prevented, the study’s authors said, based on data from 2014. made in the USA. The most diseased, and consequently also deaths from cancer related to the enjoyment of tobacco, i.e. smoking: it is about 19 percent or 298,970 cases. 28.8 percent or 169,180 patients die as a result of this type of cancer.

Obesity is in second place, far behind smoking, but in 7.8 percent of cases it results in the development of cancer, and the death rate is 6.5. The third place belongs to alcoholism, which affects the development of cancer in 5.6% of cases and as a consequence has a fatal outcome in four percent of cases. In fourth place, is excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays – it affects the development of cancer in 4.7% of cases, and the percentage of deaths is 1.5%. Next is physical inactivity which results in 2.9 percent of cases and results in mortality in 2.2 percent of cases. Due to the insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables, cancer can develop in 1.9% of the population, resulting in death in 2.7% of cases, while papilloma virus infections result in the development of cancer in 1.8% and mortality in 1.1%.

According to data from 2014, patients mostly suffer from lung cancer, and in 81.7% of cases the cause is smoking. It is associated with 73.8 percent of throat cancer, 50 percent of esophageal cancer, and 46.9 percent of bladder cancer. Obesity has been linked by scientists to the development of 60.3 percent of cervical cancer, a third of all liver cancer cases, 11.3 percent of breast cancer and 5.2 percent of colon cancer.

Alcohol consumption is a determining factor in nearly half of oral cavity and throat cancers in men and a quarter in women. Almost 25 percent of liver cancer cases in men and 11.9 percent in women are related to alcohol consumption, and in women 16.4 percent of cases affect the development of breast cancer. Exposure to ultraviolet rays is responsible for 96 percent of melanoma cases in the male population and 93.7 percent of melanoma cases in women.

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