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At a local church Monday night, Democrat and Republican candidates for Douglas County shared why they think who is better fit

OMAHA, Nebraska — Monday evening, candidates for Douglas County Sheriff participated in a forum at a local church.

At Pleasant Green Baptist Church, Greg Gonzalez, a Democrat and Omaha’s Deputy Police Chief, and Sergeant Aaron Hanson, a Republican with the Omaha Police Department, addressed questions.

Both candidates explained why they believe they are the most qualified for the position.

“I believe that understanding both the policy level and how these decisions affect people’s homes on the street level is essential. This is my best strength,” Hanson stated.

“I adhere to best procedures. I’m not one to follow common opinion or what I believe is right. Gonzalez stated, “I want to adhere to scientifically proven practices.”

During the event, the candidates also discussed departmental recruitment and diversity.

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