As we approach the winter months, schools in Lincoln getting ready to clothing donation drive helping Nebraskans

LINCOLN, Nebraska – This year, Lincoln Public Schools are organizing the Bubba’s Closet event.

Kathleen Dering, principal of Cavett Elementary School, stated that the yearly donation drive helps supply children in Lincoln with winter clothing.

“At this time of year, every year, it is an incredible effort to collect as many winter clothes as possible for children of all ages and from across the city,” she said.

Dering stated that the event has continued to gain community support, and kids and families are always appreciative.

She remarked, “I believe they’ve even started to expect it and rely on it a little.” “It’s something that either they’re picking up in person or the schools are handing out themselves, which is what we’ve been doing more and more frequently as of late. The gratefulness and happiness of Lincoln’s family are truly moving.”

Dering requests that people wishing to donate do so with new products or in any form, as the demand in Lincoln schools is constant.

“With what we currently have, we’re trying to raise an additional $20,000 in order to maintain operations and order all of the coats that we anticipate would be needed this season,” she added. The remaining funds are then carried over to the following school year.

Community collaborations, according to Dering, continue to promote donations, and everyone collaborates for the cause.

She stated, “To deliver this Bubba’s closet to those who need it most, we rely on the community to spread the word.” It would not be possible to donate or to coordinate anything without the participation of everyone in our great community.

Here is an enrollment form for families whose children attend an LPS primary school.

The forms will be accessible until October 7th.

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