As the number of new Covid-19 cases is constantly on the rise, Creighton University and Ralston Public Schools update their mask policy

Nebraska – More and more schools, universities and school districts are considering implementing mask mandates in schools as a result of the rising number of new Covid-19 cases in the last couple of weeks, a concerning trend that continues in the new year too.

The numbers of Covid-19 cases in Nebraska are also on the rise and follows the country’s trend setting close to record high new numbers.

That led schools to once again reconsider their mask mandate policies at the start of the spring semester.

According to multiple reports, Creighton University and Ralston Public Schools are among the latest educational settings to issue mask requirements in the new year.

The school year is expected to resume on Wednesday. In a letter to the parents, the superintendent of Ralston Public Schools informed them that mask will be required in schools again regardless of the vaccination status.

The most recent data shows that more and more students and teachers have tested positive on Covid-19 since the end of the last semester and the mask mandate in place should help in slowing down the spread of the virus.

“After much consideration and discussion, I have decided to begin the second term of the 2021-2022 school year by requiring masks for all students and staff in grades PK-12 while school is in session,” Dr. Mark Adler wrote.

The mask mandate will apply for students, teachers and administrative staff and will enforced at least until Jan. 25 when the district will discuss again if the mandate will be extended or ended depending on the current Covid-19 situation.

Dr. Adler wrote: “By implementing this additional intervention, I hope to slow down the virus in our school community. This will keep our students and staff, which in turn helps keep your student attending school in-person, where the most powerful learning takes place.”

Majority of the school districts across Nebraska already confirmed or are about to confirm mask mandates because of the rising number of Covid-19 cases.

Creighton University also announced a mask requirement Tuesday. The university tweeted that its mandate, which will apply to most indoor spaces on campus, would go into effect on Saturday; the CU spring semester starts Wednesday, Jan. 12. Exceptions for the requirement are residence halls, dining halls, private office spaces, and while exercising.

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