Ariana Grande changed her hair color for the movie Wicked


The singer showed off her new image that she made for her role in the upcoming movie “Wicked.”

On social networks, Ariana Grande posted a photo with her new hair color with the comment that she was actually showing off her “new earrings”.

Although she still wears her hair in a ponytail, her black hair has now changed to dark brown, and her fans agree that the new blonde shade looks great on her.

While Ariana, who plays Glinda in the yet-to-be-released Wicked, didn’t address the new hair color she had to do for the role of the wicked witch, it’s clear that the role is now her top priority.

In May of this year, she answered questions from fans, including about her upcoming album, which she has yet to start working on.

Grande then said that she put her heart and soul into the preparations for the audition, and after she got the role, she completely devoted herself to it.

For the release of “Wicked” fans will have to wait as the premiere is announced only for December 25, 2024.


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