Are popcorn really one of the healthiest snacks?

Are popcorn really one of the healthiest snacks we can eat even if we pay attention to the line? Can they be cooked in the microwave or is there a better option?

Your New Year’s decision is to lose a few pounds and eat healthier, so you feel guilty after eating a portion of popcorn with a good movie or series? No need! They are a great snack if you do not want to burn too many calories and fats.

The good news is that they contain a lot of fiber, which will make you feel full longer and thanks to which the digestion process will be better, they are easy for the stomach and do not have many calories. However, all the good sides can be destroyed in an instant if you prepare them in the wrong way …

You do not need to cook them in the microwave because these packages contain a large amount of salt and fat, so you will immediately turn them into a fatty and caloric snack which is certainly not good for weight maintenance or frequent consumption.

In addition, the sachet contains perfluorooctanoic acid, which is very harmful to health, according to a statement posted on the official website of the US Food and Drug Administration, FDA. This substance is used to retain fat in the bag, and animal tests have also been shown to increase the risk of cancer of the liver, testicles and pancreas.

Another piece of information that may scare you is that they contain fat for the whole day! Palm oil is used, which has long been known to be the most harmful – it raises cholesterol and endangers heart health. Some sachets contain 4 to 6 grams of fat, which is between 20 and 30% of the daily value of nutrients in just one serving, as well as all the fat we need to eat in one day.

In addition, they contain a huge amount of salt.

Also, as EatThis reports, avoid popcorn at the cinema – just one serving has approximately 1,160 calories, and the amount of fat is enough for up to three days!

So how do we eat them?

Experts say that it would be best to bake popcorn in a pot with a little oil and finally salt it, or to make it in a popcorn machine that bakes them in the air.

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