Apple’s new virtual reality headset could cost around $2,000

A recent report found that Apple was having problems with the long-awaited AR / VR headset due to device overheating, camera and software issues, which could force the company to delay plans to introduce a mixed reality headset this year. But now there are additional details about the headphones that have been talked about for some time.

In previous reports, Mark Gourman, a Bloomberg reporter, suggested that Apple’s AR / VR headphones would be “expensive.” Although analysts have predicted that the product will cost around $ 3,000, a Bloomberg reporter in his latest Power On newsletter says that Apple is considering a price of around $ 2,000.

Apple usually charges slightly more than its competitors for the products. The new headphones will not be an exception, but the main reason why the company is considering a price over $ 2,000 is due to some components that the headset uses.

Additionally, Gurman noted that Apple is likely to use the M1 Pro chip, or something similar, for the new AR / VR headset.

The M1 Pro chips have 5nm processors with 10 cores, consisting of eight high-performance cores and two efficient cores.

“M1 Pro” has a graphics processor with up to 16 cores. In addition, the M1 Pro has up to 32 GB of RAM with 200 GB / s throughput.

Apple’s augmented reality headsets are likely to focus on gaming, media and communications, said Gurman, as well as renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kwo.

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