Apple launches iOS 16, Iphone users to see several major changes

iOS 16, which brings a number of new features to the platform, is available as of today for iPhones running Apple’s operating system.

You may install iOS 16 when it becomes available by opening the Settings app on your iPhone, navigating to General, and selecting Software Update. The update is available for iPhone 8 and later models. To install the update when it becomes available, visit the Settings app on your iPhone.

The following items can be found on the list of some of the most helpful features that are included in iOS 16:

Modifying the appearance of the lock screen (Lock Screen)

The option to personalize the locked screen is without a doubt the most significant new feature that is included in the most recent release of iOS (Lock Screen). This is something that may be accomplished using layered backgrounds, widgets, custom date and time fonts, and a variety of other options. You also have the option of selecting photographs that will rotate throughout the day on the screen that appears while the phone is locked.

The new Lock Screen gallery provides access to a variety of different lock screen alternatives, including as a brand-new weather wallpaper and an interface that makes it simple to move between your preferred lock screen layouts.

Edit or Unsend for iMessage

The most recent release of Apple’s iOS includes two new features: the capacity to temporarily amend or “unsend” an iMessage, as well as the choice to designate a message as unread after it has been accessed for the first time.

Users have access to the ability to edit an iMessage for up to five times per message, and this option is available to them 15 minutes after the message has been sent.

Employing the full-screen mode of the music player

iOS 16 restores the full-screen music player that was previously available on the lock screen, complete with a large album art image and a background color that matches it.

Assistance with the Nintendo Joy-Con controllers

iPhones and iPads are compatible with a variety of Bluetooth game controllers for use with iOS 16, such as the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller. When using iOS 16, gamers have the option of using either the left or right Joy-Con as a single controller, or using both as a single controller.

As of iOS 14.5 and later versions of the platform, the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller and the Xbox Series X gamepad are both compatible with the iPhone.

Other notable additions of iOS 16 include: order monitoring for Apple Pay purchases; enhanced live text; faster control of the Fitness app; the ability to copy text from a photo or video; more choices for the Focus mode; and more.

In terms of device support, iOS 16 is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, beginning with the iPhone 8 series and continuing all the way up to the most recent iPhone 14 series.

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