Apple is offering $ 180,000 in bonuses to prevent employees from running away from Zuckerberg

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Working for Apple, the company with the largest market value in the world, is a dream come true for many, but not all employees in the company are satisfied with their job for various reasons.

This situation is specific not only for Apple, but for the entire Silicon Valley, but also for the labor market in general. Also, the pandemic and the changes in the way of working have changed the wishes and needs of the workers and some of them now put the work from home or the hybrid way of working in the first place.

To prevent the best employees from escaping, Apple decided to offer them unexpected bonuses. Thus, some software engineers reported that they will be paid bonuses in the amount of 50,000 to 180,000 dollars. Bussni will not be paid immediately, but will receive them in the form of shares in the company, which they will be able to realize after 4 years. So, the employees who want to receive the bonuses for the next four years will have to stay in the company.

The company that attracts most of Apple’s employees is Meta, and in the last few months alone, hundreds of Apple engineers have escaped from Zuckerberg’s company.


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