Apple and Facebook are discussing an ad-free, subscription-based version of the mobile app

Apple proposed to Facebook between 2016 and 2018 that they establish an ad-free, subscription-based version of their app. Facebook finally abandoned the plan, as reported by 9to5mac. Apple would have collected the regular 15% to 30% in-app fee through the App Store.

In addition, Apple apparently wants Facebook’s “boosted post” feature to be classified an in-app purchase subject to the same commission.

Last year, Apple introduced a new app tracking transparency feature as part of iOS 14.5; whether this was a coincidence or not is unknown. The feature forces apps to obtain permission from users before tracking them across apps.

Since the move went into force, Facebook (Meta) has experienced a major revenue decline, and last quarter Meta announced its first-ever revenue decline.

Apple’s representative’s response demonstrates that this is not exclusive to Facebook.

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