App Store apps are becoming more expensive after Apple’s latest policy change


Apple has decided to offer developers more options for pricing apps starting in spring 2023.

Under the new plan, the lowest price supported will be $0.29, while the highest price will be $10,000.

Developers will also get the ability to define prices in the app store and will have 45 currencies available in 175 territories.

App and subscription prices will now be able to increase by $0.10 for those costing up to $10 and $0.50 for those between $10 and $50.

Additionally, developers with subscription apps will be able to manage currencies and taxes/fees across stores, and will have the option to select a local app store and automatically generate prices based on country and currency.

For developers who distribute their apps worldwide, the App Store’s global equalization tool will provide an easy way to manage pricing in international markets.

Another new feature will be the ability to price apps and subscriptions outside of the standard of (for example) $0.99, which can now be $0.90 or $1.00. This will allow for easier creation of bundles and annual subscription plans.

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