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Another breath of cold air to face on Saturday

Not only was Friday special because it’s a holiday (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!), but we saw some interesting weather features throughout the day. The towering cumulus clouds have spread across the state with a lot of moisture and instability associated with them, which if we were hot enough, could produce some pop-up storm clouds. An image (below) was captured this afternoon by our ABC Seamless cam at these features.

At times, the downpours from these clouds have been heavy and reduced visibility. On the back of the towering cloud below, the lower hanging parts are sometimes those heavy snow blasts. But sporadic in nature, you could drive a block and go under one of these clouds for a while before coming back out with lots of sun.

Another special feature coming into play tonight is a cold front. Cold fronts usually move from west to east, but this one comes from the northeast and moves southwest. We call this type of cold front a “back door” cold front. Behind it, temperatures by Saturday morning will drop into the lower teens and single digits statewide.

Wind chill values ​​*might* be a few degrees below freezing. Winds may still be blowing 30-35 mph right now, giving us these bitter temperatures to start the weekend.

Highs struggle Saturday afternoon, with partly sunny skies and daytime temperatures only reaching the 20s and 30s. But the colder air doesn’t subside for long. We will see even warmer weather this weekend.

The second half of this upcoming weekend looks better temperature-wise. Lots more sun too, as highs climb into the 40s and then 50s by Monday. Just in time for early spring!

And Thursdays pattern with precipitation continues into next week with patterns showing chance of rain next week. This time, much hotter as the highs drop back to the 60s again.

Meteorologist Jessica Blum Twittered: Jessica Blum Wx Facebook: JessicaBlumWx

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