Animal Society of Nebraska Overwhelmed by Dogs Asks People to Consider Shelter

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — The Humane Society of Nebraska is asking for help.

“We are full (for dogs) right now,” said Pam Wiese, an NHS spokesperson. “Our makeshift kennels are full. Our crowded kennels are full.”

According to Wiese, they have 274 dog kennels. Around noon on Friday they had 270 dogs. According to her, about 150 people are available for adoption. That’s the most she’s seen in her 20 years on the NHS.

Wiese said all shelters are in the same boat and cannot help other shelters by accepting transfers.

According to Wiese, the NHS is responsible for taking in homeless animals. Usually 5-15 people come a day. They need open nurseries for them, she said.

As always, the NHS encourages adoption. But now they are also pushing people to consider getting a dog.

The NHS can help you find the right dog for your situation and location. For example, some dogs may find a temporary home in an apartment.

The shelter will pay for supplies such as food and other items if needed, such as medicines.

For the past three months, Melissa Meyers has been breeding, or Blue for short, a mix of boxers. No one has yet applied for her adoption, but her upbringing has allowed the NHS to know what she is like outside of the orphanage.

“Blue was really worried at the orphanage,” Meyers said. “She was depressed and slept all the time. Here she is playful and happy and ready to go to her new home and show her personality.”

Meyers praised the possibility of a shelter for pet lovers.

“It brings so much joy to your home,” she said. “It’s a lot of fun getting to know each dog’s personality and quirks. Blue just likes to scatter toys… and entertain herself. This is so cute. a new dog and a new personality, and watch them learn and grow as you work with them.”

The NHS said only 20% of stray dogs were returned in 2020 and people can help the situation by making sure they check out their dog shelter. For those unsure if a dog is suitable for adoption, the NHS offers a “test drive”.

The driving force behind the situation at the shelter is an increase in people abandoning their pets and a decrease in adoptions, Wiese said. She believes that the economy and inflation may be the reason why the orphanage is overcrowded.


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