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Animal shelter volunteer ‘steals’ dog from death row during protest, police won’t prosecute

A four-year-old American bulldog mix named Stalking has been at the center of a controversy that began at the Humane Society in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The chase lived the longest in a humane society. In December, they described him as “playful, independent, caring, funny and athletic” as they tried to find him a permanent home.

“We’d say we’re looking for a Christmas Miracle, but the Stalking doesn’t need a miracle because he’s a great dog; but somehow he is getting closer to his SECOND Christmas at the orphanage. shelter published in December.

“Truly a favorite of staff and volunteers, Pursuit is a goofy 4-year-old American Bulldog mix known for his love of toys and always sitting like a true gentleman (he is also a gentleman walking on a leash)! Although he needs a cat-free home, he loves to play with other dogs! He is looking for a home with children aged 12 and over.”

But somehow, between December and February, the “real gentleman” had to be put to sleep.

There was a massive outcry from the community. A Facebook page called “Let the persecution live” was launched. People protested against the shelter. Other rescuers reportedly even offered to take over dog.

humane society released a statement on her Facebook page, alleging that the dog had bitten or tried to bite three times, with the most recent incident to the prospective adopter in January. After that third hit, the shelter stated that a third-party appraiser came to them, and the appraiser determined that the dog was not safe to adopt.

The protests came to a head on Monday, when the chase was supposed to be put down. PennLive was filming a scene like police were there, talking to a man in a dark gray car.

Unidentified volunteer allegedly went to the shelter, removed the chase and took the dog to their car. They seemed to have a long conversation with the police before driving off to the applause of the assembled crowd.

Updates have been sent to “Let the persecution live” page, saying only that the dog is safe and is currently in an unknown location.

Since then, allegations have been pouring in at the shelter, and he released a statement on his Facebook page.

“The Society for the Protection of Animals is working tirelessly to find loving homes for all animals placed under our care,” the statement said. “We do this because we want them to become pets and live their years in happiness.

“For this reason, we never resort to euthanasia because of the place in the facility or how long the animal has been in our care. Last year we found homes for 843 pets.

“This morning a volunteer took Gonka from our hideout. His unfortunate chase was taken from us. We have decided to delay any decision for 72 hours to determine the next steps. HSHA thanks everyone for their care and love for animals. We love them too.”

The Society for the Protection of Animals filed a complaint with the police, but on February 16, the Swatara Police Department released a statement saying that the investigation was closed and no criminal charges would be filed.

“On February 13, 2023, the Humane Society of Harrisburg filed a police report with the Swatara Township Police Department regarding a dog named Stalker that was taken off the property by one of their volunteers,” the report reads. statement read.

“After discussions with the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office, it has been decided that no criminal proceedings will be initiated in this matter. Swatara Police Department’s investigation has been completed.”

Shelter supporters fear the incident will undermine shelter and his ultimate goal is to find well-adjusted animals their eternal home, while stalking fans are glad the dog was pulled out in time.

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