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An 8-year-old Nebraska disabled student in wheelchair injured in school bus incident in Lincoln on Thursday, report

Lincoln, Nebraska – School bus incident on Thursday in Lincoln resulted with one 8-year-old disabled student in wheelchair injured, the father of the victim confirmed.

According to multiple reports, the incident happened when the driver left the driver seat and didn’t turn the emergency brake on when the bus was near 70th and Willow Avenue after school on Thursday.

The parent of the victim student was there when the incident took place and he said that the driver unbuckled his child, but was having issues getting the lift to go down.

That’s the moment when the driver went to check what might be the issue, but didn’t turn the emergency brake on. The bus rolled into a curb, causing the child and his wheelchair to fall over.

“The impact caused the student to fall inside the bus. The emergency parking brake was not engaged, and it is a standard safety protocol to always have the emergency brake engaged at every student stop,” LPS Transportation Director Ryan Robley said.

The father added that his child is non-verbal and in wheelchair.

The little one was transferred to hospital for treatment where it was determined that he had a concussion.

“This is an unfortunate incident. Today (Friday) we will be communicating safety reminders to all of our transportation staff and providing re-training on the required safety protocols to help keep students and staff safe,” the statement by LPS said.

There is internal investigation ongoing about the incident, but at this point it remain unknown if the driver will face some actions against him.

Once more details are available, we will update the case.

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