Amos J Foresta, the Omaha Yards owner, confirmed that he is heading to Florida to help those most affected by Ian

OMAHA, Nebraska – Amos J. Foresta still has several items to pack into his truck before his departure to Florida.

“Right now, Florida needs so many different things, from basic supplies to doing something on the ground to personnel, assistance, and the removal of debris,” added Foresta.

It all began when AJ Foresta and his fiance sat at the kitchen table and watched Hurricane Ian on television.

“It was extremely upsetting from the beginning,” added Foresta.

AJ is the owner of Omaha Yards, a firm that repairs fences and yards. Now, AJ wants to use his abilities to fix all the devastation in Florida, particularly for those who still have homes.

Foresta stated, “They have no food, no electricity, and no cell phone coverage.” Therefore, I believe that my organization as a whole will simply provide help.

He has also partnered with local businesses, such as Autographix and Torc Motorsports, to collect food and other supplies.

“We have a large number of contacts in Omaha who have offered to donate goods to help us,” Foresta added.

AJ stated that he is planning to assist victims of Hurricane Ian in every manner possible. He stated that he will bring his truck, some power tools, and a generator.

Foresta stated, “We will do the best we can with what we have.”

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