Amber Heard is reportedly selling an “engagement” present to pay part of Johnny Depp’s damages

The actress is scrambling all over the place to get cash and pay the court-awarded damages. She has now listed the present from the world’s richest man she dated in 2016, the Model X, for sale after negotiating a publishing agreement to write a book about her relationship with Depp.

After her marriage to the “Pirate of the Caribbean” broke up, the Aquaman actress dated Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, in 2016. A flirtation that appeared in magazines and on websites, which further caught Depp’s attention because he was always certain they had already dated. But Heard was doubly disloyal, at least in Depp’s eyes, because there was a romantic relationship between the actress and James Franco, who also happened to live next door. Additionally shown at the trial were images of the two making out taken by the elevator’s security camera.

Musk didn’t show up for the trial, but he never denied the relationship. Additionally, there are pictures that capture Amber and Elon at their most joyful.

Maybe not many people are aware that Musk texted filmmaker Robert Rodriguez in 2013 to seek for his help getting a date with Amber because he was interested in the attractive actress at the time. Some of these conversations were obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, including this one from Musk: “If there is a party or event where Amber will be, I would be interesting in meeting her, purely out of curiosity.” Or, “I’ve heard that Amber likes Ayn Rand and George Orwell.” extremely unusual

The romance finally began after three years, but it only lasted one year. He admits to being “truly in love” and says, “I suffered a lot,” in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. She ended our relationship. But in the interim, the engagement present showed up. Tesla’s electric crossover, the “Model X,” was introduced as the safest SUV in 2015. And now the actress wants to sell it in order to raise cash and begin compensating Depp for legal losses.

Heard has other fundraising plans as well. She also recently agreed to write a book for a well-known publishing business that will once again detail her relationship with Depp. Before giving the pages to the publisher, Amber will, however, provide them to her attorneys who will have to double-check each “comma” in the text to ensure that she doesn’t get into trouble once more, similar to the incident with the Washington Post that ultimately led to her being in court.

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