Amal Clooney in retro fashion fairy dress caused sighs in New York

In the spirit of the twenties and with a combination of gold and silver tones, the famous lawyer once again justified the title of one of the best dressed women in the world

Actor George Clooney and his wife and famous lawyer Amal are often the target of the paparazzi in New York these days.

After vacationing on Lake Como, where they have a luxury villa, the couple returned to the Big Apple, with photojournalists hot on their heels almost every day.

Well, we had the opportunity to look at a series of trendy fashion releases of the famous Amal Clooney intended for more casual occasions, and now she presented herself to us in full glory – on the red carpet!

The couple attended the Albee Awards, presented by the Clooney Foundation for Justice, at the New York Public Library. On this occasion, the famous lawyer appeared in one of the most beautiful outfits she has ever worn, and in recent years we have had the opportunity to see her in countless elegant outfits.

Amal was obviously inspired by the style of the 1920s, so she chose a retro dress from the fashion house Versace – a model made of a series of beads and crystals in gold and silver tones.

The unusual dress is decorated with numerous fringes, it is semi-sheer, it has a corset in the upper part, while it is supported by wide straps and radiates a vintage atmosphere!

The chic gown is structured so that the beads cascade down the body like a waterfall, highlighting her contours and femininity.

Ms. Clooney accessorized this dress with a gold mini bag and silver sandals, while letting her hair down in waves – perfect for the occasion!

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