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Alvin Bragg again ignores assault on nurses law to help scammers

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is so opposed to sending people to jail or prison that he is defying state law to avoid it — a law meant to protect first responders.

Specifically, his office refuses to press felony charges against a Harlem hospital patient who brutally assaulted a nurse.

Nyxia Martin left veteran nurse Valentino Tablanga bloodied and afraid of losing her sight in one go. eye with an accidental attack on February 7th. The cops charged Martin with assault, like the state criminal code requires in cases of attacks on nurses doing their jobs, but Bragg’s office downgraded this to a misdemeanor charge.

That’s right: on the rare occasions when our state penal code still prescribes significant punishments, Bragg blatantly subverts it. Not surprisingly, crime in the city has reached a peak that has not been seen in more than a decade.

Alvin Bragg again ignores assault on nurses law to help scammers
Nurse Nyxia Martin left veteran nurse Valentino Tablanga bloody and fearful of losing sight in one eye following an accidental attack on February 7th.
Matthew McDermott

Of course, Bragg’s flanks cover up an ugly act with the usual progressive platitudes. The smaller spending “takes into account” Martin’s “basic mental health needs.” Hm? If those “needs” make her a threat, the DA should rush to get her on file, not turn it into a get-out-of-jail card.

Besides, how about public safety needs of nurses? And not just nurses: the same law criminalizes attacks on police officers, firefighters, sanitation workers and a host of other important city workers. Bragg tells them They also independently.

In addition, Tablang says he was told at the DA’s office that he just didn’t have time for criminal proceedings. We get other insane criminal justice “reforms” (burdensome disclosure rules) clipping the legs of prosecutors and leaving DA’s offices understaffed – but if this crisis means the most funded DA in the entire country fails to protect healthcare workers, Bragg must sound the alarm daily.

Consider this outrage another sign that the Manhattan District Attorney believes he should serve lawbreakers, not law-abiding citizens.

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