Alicia Keys: I should have ended up as a prostitute, not a music icon

Famous singer Alicia Keys has turned 41, and she makes her fans happy with a birthday post on social networks.

“It’s my birthday, I’m very grateful to be alive. Thanks to every person who surprised me last night by planning the masterful surprise. You made me very happy. I send you great love for every birthday wish, prayer and beautiful energy you have sent me so far. I feel you all. I did not know what was happening or what would happen all day yesterday. Now I really do not know what to expect. I know only one thing, I celebrate every second because life is too precious to waste time. “I adore you,” the singer wrote in the description of the photo.

She released her eighth album last year. Although she has won 15 Grammy Awards in her successful career so far and is a proud mother of two, this birthday message reminded many of her difficult life path.

“I am the person who should not have failed. I was supposed to end up as a prostitute, a 16-year-old mother, or a drug addict. “I am the one who was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” the singer said in an interview.

She admitted that her music career has saved her from the hell of drugs, prostitution and bad life. Alicia grew up in a New York neighborhood known as Hell’s Kitchen, an area with the highest levels of prostitution at the time. He claims that he has witnessed sad human stories since he was a child.

She made her stage debut in 2001 with the song Fallin ‘and often points out that she never forgot where she came from.

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