Alexei Navalny: I do not regret for a second that I returned to Russia

A year after his arrest, Russian dissident Alexei Navalny confirmed on Monday that he “did not regret for a second” that he had returned to Russia and told his countrymen “not to be afraid.”

“I did it and I do not regret it for a second,” Navalny wrote on social media, alluding to his fight against the Kremlin and his return to the country despite the possibility of arrest after recovering from poisoning in Germany.

“After a year in prison, I’m telling you what I then told my supporters in court: do not be afraid,” Navalny added in a photo post with his wife Julia.

On January 17, 2021, Russian police arrested Navalny at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, shortly after he landed on a plane from Germany where he had been receiving treatment for nerve poisoning for several months, accusing Russian authorities.

Navalny appeared in court today to consider two lawsuits against the prison administration.

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