ALEK BALDWIN IS IN ROME, not one, he is shooting two movies at the same time, here are the details!

This will be the first time we have seen Alec Baldwin on the movie screen after the tragedy that occurred on Rust’s set, a western film he wrote, produced and starred in, in which director of photography Halina Hutchins died. The dynamics of the incident that happened during the filming are still under investigation, and in the meantime a fierce legal battle is being fought.

Brothers Alec and William Baldwin are in Rome, Italy and are simultaneously shooting two Minerva Pictures films in collaboration with ILBE: “Kid Santa “and Billie’s Magic Word “.

Both films are shot in “live action”, a technique that combines real actors and animated characters, and the main roles are played by two Hollywood stars Alec and William Baldwin.

Filming in Rome takes just over two weeks, and the Italian capital has been chosen as the backdrop for all the action scenes in both films.

Both brothers, though in different ways, fit into the genre of films dedicated to family and Christmas intimacy.

The cast also includes Elva Trill, who is starring in the new sequel to “Jurassic Park”, “Jurassic World Dominion”, a film that will premiere in June.

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