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Alec Baldwin’s Bad Day Gets Worse: New Mexico District Attorney Goes Live and Claims ‘Actor Doesn’t Get Free Pass’

Actor and producer Alec Baldwin will be charged with two counts of manslaughter in connection with the death of cinematographer Halina Hutchins, New Mexico First Judicial District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altvis said Thursday morning, according to multiple reports.

Hannah Gutierrez-Reid’s gunsmith set will also be charged in connection with the 2021 filming on the set of Rust.

Among other things, Carmack-Oltwis said “an actor doesn’t get a free pass just because he’s an actor,” in an interview with CNN on Thursday.

“Every person who holds a weapon in his hands must make sure that if he is going to take this weapon in his hands, point it at someone and pull the triggerthat he is not going to shoot a projectile and kill someone, and this is really about justice for Galina Hutchins.

“We’ve spoken to many actors, A-listers and others who have said that they always check their weapons or that someone checks them in front of them,” she said.

“And that’s what’s so important… We say that here in New Mexico, everyone is equal before the law.”

“The set was so lacking in safety and safety standards,” she said earlier in the video.

“There were live bullets on the set, they were mixed with regular pacifiersno one checked them, or at least they were not checked consistently – and then they were somehow loaded into a gun, handed over to Alec Baldwin.

Do you think Alec Baldwin will be found guilty?

“He didn’t test it. He didn’t do anything he was supposed to do to make sure he was safe or that everyone around him was safe, and then he pointed the gun at Halina Hutchins and pulled the trigger.”

A conviction for manslaughter can result in up to 18 months in prison and a $5,000 fine. Term.

The Hutchins family attorney, Brian J. Panish, said, “We want to thank the Santa Fe Sheriff and the District Attorney for completing their thorough investigation and determining that the manslaughter charges are justified for killing Halina Hutchins with willful contempt.” for human life,” according to Deadline.

“Our independent investigation also confirms that the allegations are justified. The family takes comfort in the fact that in New Mexico, no one is above the law. We support the charges, will fully cooperate with this prosecution, and sincerely hope that the justice system works to protect society and hold those who break the law accountable.”

For their part, lawyers for Baldwin and Gutierrez-Rida said they would fight the accusations.

“This decision misrepresents the tragic death of Galina Hutchins and represents a terrible miscarriage of justice,” Baldwin’s lawyer, Luke Nikas, said in a statement. CNN.

“Mr. Baldwin had no reason to believe that there was a live bullet in the gun or anywhere else on the set. He relied on the professionals he worked with who assured him there was no live ammunition in the gun. We will deal with these accusations and win.”

This was stated by lawyers Gutierrez-Reid Jason Bowles and Todd J. Bullion. Yahoo! Entertaining that “Hannah was and always was very emotional and sad because of this tragic incident. But she didn’t commit manslaughter.

“These allegations are the result of a very flawed investigation and an inaccurate understanding of all the facts. We intend to reveal the whole truth and believe that Hannah will be acquitted by a jury.”

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