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Albany’s Criminal Arrogance: David Soares’ Snub to Ignore the Truth

“Thank you for inviting me here to testify about public safety in the state of New York,” Albany District Attorney David Soares intended to start his State Senate statement this month, but he never had tohow the assistant called at 10 pm the day before to cancel his invitation.

It is not obvious that the left, who commands affairs, did not want black progressives to tell them in detail about how recent criminal justice reforms have “caused enormous harm to public safety” with “the most devastating impact on black and brown communities.”

Eventually, after the (white) head of the State Association of District Attorneys read the same text, the Progressives simply denounced it as “offensive”, “pejorative” and “condescending” (Sen. Jamaal Bailey, D-Bx) and “political.” “not true” and not “relevant” (Sen. Zellnor Miri, D-B’klin).

All lies: Soares’ words couldn’t be more factual. What has made them “offensive” is that the left does not want to acknowledge the harm they have caused. The Post has already published his testimony, so you can judge for yourself.

Even when we wrote last year that lawmakers were treating Soares as the “invisible man,” we never expected them to do so. this evident.

It’s not like he’s the only black leader they go out of their way to silence or ignore by pretending it’s “just The Post”. Mayor Eric Adams was very clear about the need for a fix; even Reverend Al Sharpton spoke out.

The leaders of the Legislative Assembly at the moment are basically denying the unmistakable truth, sticking their fingers in their ears and shouting: I can not hear you.

But the public can.

And ordinary New Yorkers see results in their neighborhoods: chronic offenders return to the streets after each arrest; stores lock everything up unless they just close; teenagers slip into a life of crime; an increase in the number of deaths and executions (especially among another teenagers) – crime and chaos are rampant everywhere.

However, legislators will only get bolder by resorting to such stupid tricks as refusing Soares’ invitation. When they finally fall, they will fall hard, as they deserve.

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