Alan from “Two and a Half Men” was seen and annoyed, and now he is bald and we would not recognize him (PHOTO)

Fans say that despite Charlie Sheen, he was still a favorite in the popular series

Actor John Krayer, who played Jake’s father Alan Harper, was not exposed much in public, even at the height of his popularity. Krayer practically grew up in the theater because his parents were Broadway actors.

Many today would not recognize the actor, given that he cut his hair short and grew a beard, and many commented that his current appearance is completely different from the time when he starred in the popular series “Two and a Half Men”.

As he revealed in one of the rare interviews, from an early age he “wanted to be part of that magical acting world”.

The first significant role occurred in the distant 1986 in the teen comedy “Beauty in Pink”, then in the movies “Hot Heads” and “Superman 4”. Surely the role of life and what will be remembered forever is Alan Harper in the series “Two and a Half Men”.

In July this year, Krayer was seen filming the final season of the “Superhero” series, starring businessman Lex Luthor. Many were surprised by his transformation, with absolutely nothing authentic left of the Alan we are used to.

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