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Al Sharpton Helped Create a Crime Crisis He Claims He’s Trying to Solve

There is a strange phenomenon in which about 100 arson arrests a year are made by firefighters, which creates conditions under which they can receive adulation for putting out the chaos they have created.

While this is a more deliberate act, there is a similar case where a person avoids full responsibility for the carnage they helped cause and wants to be the hero leading the firefighting attack: Al Sharpton.

This month, the activist gathered New York’s top black elected officials, including Mayor Eric Adams, Attorney General Letitia James, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, and Assembly Speaker Carl Histie, at his National Action Network headquarters in Harlem. for a closed discussion of public opinion. – security and criminal justice issues.

And he publicly urged these leaders and others to do something after a Siena College poll released Monday showed that 93% of New Yorkers — the number was virtually the same across all races — consider crime a major problem in the state.

“The results of the latest poll in Siena will come as no surprise to anyone who lives and works in the black or brown community. Many of us have spent much of the year calling for fine-tuning of our criminal justice system,” Sharpton said on Monday. “Public safety is a matter of how, not if, which is why this month I called an unprecedented number of black New York city and state leaders to start this conversation.”

Mayor Adams
Sharpton called Mayor Adams in February 2022 to address the theft problem, saying stores were even “locking up toothpaste”.
Matthew McDermott

Sharpton strongly pushed for “reform” of the bond, but he is inclined to point out that he supported the “foundation” of the 2019 law, a verbal tactic to moderately distance itself from the results – but it was the foundation that created the crisis we are seeing today.

“We need to end the criminal detention system in this country, in which blacks and browns are held because they can’t afford bail, while others are rudely using cash bail systems,” Sharpton said in 2018.

The Cashless Pledge Act does what it was designed to do. The problem is that the ramifications of rampant crime aren’t contained in the poor neighborhoods as everyone used to be, and are now even spreading to high-end neighborhoods like the Upper East Side where Al Sharpton lives. When the poor get the flu, the rich must be immune.

When thieves steal from a retail store or liquor store in Pelham Park, it is expected and justified; but when rich people like Al Sharpton feel the inconvenience of having to ask a salesman to help them get some toothpaste (“Eric, they’re locking up my toothpaste,” he exclaimed last February), then it’s time to convene some of the most powerful government officials to make changes.

Sharpton can say that he cares about the have-nots who end up in prison, but what about the have-nots who have to deal with them as soon as they are immediately released?

Proponents of cashless bonds have always represented non-violent crimes like shoplifting as victimless crimes. But there are casualties when stores decide to leave already underserved areas due to rampant theft or raise prices in poorer areas to make up for the cost of theft.

It’s great to want a fair judiciary, but I’ve seen too often that no one thinks or cares about the law-abiding poor and working-class citizens who have to survive in the dysfunction that the elites perpetuate. No one takes into account the demoralization of the average citizen who does his best to conform to social norms, while rule breakers receive undeserved sympathy and an uncertain second chance.

Al Sharpton
Sharpton urged leaders to take some action after a poll showed that a majority of New Yorkers see crime as a major statewide problem.
Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/Shutterstock

Sharpton is correct that there is a “haves and have-nots” system because the haves, the richest and most powerful people in and associated with government, must determine how much suffering the have-nots will have to endure based on the whims of their fantasy political endeavors. Sharpton is as connected to this system as Siamese twins.

The havers said that someone arrested for third-degree assault, a non-bailable offense, is worth the risk of being returned to your area immediately so you can deal with him. When you receive terrorist threats from a person who promises to harm you, the system created by the haves will reveal its bluff and bet on your safety.

I’m sure the lunatic who terrorized McDonald’s with an ax on the Lower East Side said “I love it” after he was released without bail the next day.

Sharpton should not be applauded for trying to put out the fire he helped start. And just because he wants to play a fire chief today doesn’t mean we have to forget that his fingerprints are on a gas tank.

Adam B. Coleman is the author of From Black Victim to Black Victor and founder of Wrong Speak Publishing. Follow him on Substack:

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